What's Happening Now

In Ethiopia: A Doll ‘Just Like Me’ Helps a Little Girl Heal —

Nurse Toni Belanger picked up a doll and wrapped its legs and abdomen with gauze to mimic the dressings of the three-year-old burn victim. 

The little girl had been severely scarred when her dress caught fire and stuck to her chest, neck, lower face, shin and arms.


AIDS AWARENESS: Helping Victims of Boko Haram Terrorists in Nigeria—

Because of the Boko Haram insurgency, the people of northeastern Nigeria have become some of the most vulnerable people to violence, poverty, disease and lack of development in all of Africa.


Low-Tech Grist Mills Empower Women Widowed By Boko Haram—

The northeastern part of Nigeria, especially the area around Maidugeri, has suffered numerous attacks over several years from the fanatical Boko Haram terrorist army.


A Family Tragedy in Bangladesh—

Shamboughanj is a small remote village in the mountains of Bangladesh. Besides being the most densely populated country in the world, it is also one of the poorest. 

One of the programs implemented by Richard Sarker, Conscience International’s Southeast Asia Program Director, provides goats to widows so they can support their families.



In the Bidi Bidi refugee camp in Uganda two years ago, a back problem left this little girl, Esther, with numbness in her legs that led to her inability to walk


We’re Back in Haiti “Raising the Roofs” —

Conscience International and Give Me Shelter Ministries are partnered again to do the “impossible possible.”   We’re back in Haiti to continue our “Raise the Roof” project we began last year when Hurricane Matthew blew through and damaged so many homes here.  This is our fourth trip, and we are close to replacing 100 roofs.  Our goal this trip is to replace 20 more.



In 2017 Conscience International President Dr. James E. Jennings announced a new program to help the most seriously hurting among victims of war, accidents, or circumstances of birth in areas of the world where there is little hope and a dearth of assisting resources.


Conscience International Newsletter Spring 2018—

There are many people in Turkey, Uganda, and Guatemala who are standing tall these days. Just a few weeks ago they were carried place to place by friends and family—some crawled clumsily through dirt and mud to reach their destination.