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Lauren Kennedy is on her first trip to Ethiopia with her parents, Toni and Dr. Ted Belanger of the Texas Back Institute (Dallas area) who is leading a Conscience International medical team to perform spinal surgeries primarily on young people.  Her parents have made several annual trips to this nation bringing hope and health to many of the country’s poorest. The following excerpts are from Lauren’s blog post.


Conscience International Spinal Surgery Team Returns to Ethiopia

Young people given hope for life without "embarrassment" —

Conscience International’s 10-member medical team has returned to Ethiopia to perform more life-changing spinal surgeries for the many young people who live, otherwise, without hope for a normal life. Loaded down with six large suitcases of supplies and equipment, volunteers and surgeons from the Texas Back Institute (Dallas area) are in surgery today. Following is an excerpt from their first Blog submitted by Dr. Belanger’s daughter, Lauren, a volunteer.


Aiding Victims of Nepal Earthquake in Outlying Villages—

Conscience International Program Director for Southeast Asia Richard Sarker has been in Nepal this month assessing damaged and destroyed communities following the 7.8 earthquake that claimed thousands of lives in recent weeks.  Although most aid agencies are focusing in and around Kathmandu, he observed, few are addressing the equal need of those affected by the earthquake in outer, poorer regions.


Guatemala on $5 A Day—

Had Your Starbucks Today? The next time you hand over another $5 for a cup of coffee at your favorite beverage emporium, keep this in mind as you take each hot, enjoyable sip: Guatemala has 15 million people; the majority exist on $5 dollars a day, the price of a cup of coffee in some U.S. establishments.  Many more live on $1 a day.


Community Development in Guatemala—

Conscience International is working side by side with local government agencies and colleges in Guatemala, partnering in community development programs to train leaders for improved life-sustaining conditions. “Our hope is to raise awareness of the needs in all their industries and invite American leaders in their fields of expertise to participate in developing community leaders,” says Angelo Velis, Conscience International’s Community Development Director for Guatemala.



Bangladesh Community Development Program —

An authentic Bangladesh dinner organized, prepared, and catered by Richard and Dr. Mary Ann Sarker of Lancaster County, PA has raised more than $21,000 for the Community Development Program in Shambouganj, Bangladesh that Richard and Conscience International partners launched in 2012.


Ethiopian Children Spinal Surgery Project—

More than $14,000 was raised for Conscience International’s Ethiopian Children Spinal Surgery Project through a card tournament organized by Toni Belanger, wife of Dr. Theodore Belanger of the Texas Back Institute, Rockwall, TX, near Dallas. 


Syrian Refugee Support—

Food and education programs are among the biggest needs for Syrian refugees who have fled their homeland and are now existing in tent camps in a number of Middle Eastern countries.