Our Mission

To respond to the world's urgent humanitarian needs by partnering with organizations and people of conscience.


To communicate by word, deed, and symbol the role of conscience in the world; to demonstrate by individual and corporate action ways of changing conditions for human betterment; to inspire and motivate people to involve themselves in acts of conscience so that they develop a greater capacity to help others, become peacemakers, act on behalf of justice, and raise awareness of the problems of hunger, disease, homelessness, and denial of human rights worldwide.


  • To minister directly to those who suffer hunger, deprivation, and physical need.
  • To demonstrate and communicate the role of conscience in the world
  • To motivate people to perform acts of conscience.
  • To encourage individuals and groups to make a difference for peace and justice in an increasingly impersonal and technologically oriented world.
  • To work for the relief and protection of victims of disasters, poverty, and injustice, whether caused by natural events, by criminals or governments, or imposed by economic and social systems.
  • To strive for the protection of individual human and civil rights as enunciated in the universal declaration of human rights

Success is: multitudes of people acting on conscience and responding to the needs of the world.