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Conscience is a stirring inside of us that tells us what's right and wrong, just or unjust. It inspires us to be our best, to be merciful to others.

It drives us to act, to respond to the calling of the heart, to meet the desperate needs of the disenfranchised without political and ideological boundaries.

Conscience International acts without waiting for ideal conditions or dangerous circumstances to subside. Our collective conscience tells us to move rapidly, to aid helpless people who need it now.

With our partners and supporters- together- we are changing conditions and transforming lives.

Conscience International in Nepal

A Conscience International team is on its way to Nepal this week to assess and provide whatever humanitarian assistance is possible in the initial phase of relief following the 7.8 earthquake that has claimed thousands of lives and devastated the region. A second team, headed by Richard Sarker, Conscience International Program Director for South Asia, is already gearing up for a follow up trip in May to work on long term rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts and to partner with efforts already underway. Conscience International has also been among the earliest responders to past earthquakes in Haiti, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Peru and Chile.


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