Training, Educating, Empowering

In the highlands of Bangladesh, in an isolated hamlet distant from city opportunities, young women in jewel-colored apparel sit at new sewing machines, learning tailoring skills to create fashionable garments they will sell to provide family income. This is just one of several personal development programs launched by Conscience International to train and empower some of the countries poorest people for income generation… In the same village, older women tend to donated goats, allowing the animals to reproduce, thus generating family revenue through the sale of milk and goats.

Women Empowerment programs are only one phase of a wider plan launched by Conscience International’s Project Director for South Asia Richard Sarker, himself a native of Bangladesh, who returns often to oversee development projects. Most activities take place in a complex built through generous donations and specifically designed to accommodate a school, healthcare facility, and skill-training center. And thanks to contributors who are providing scholarships, the village is boasting its first ever college-bound students. 

Conscience International strives to create community development projects that will meet long-term needs and help keep areas out of crisis.