Conscience International Sends Teams Around the World; New Programs Serve Medical, Food, Personal Needs of Refugees


Conscience International Launches New Prosthetic Rehabilitation Program

It was a life-changing moment when Matthew Coley stepped into the surgery tent at the emergency field hospital near Mosul, Iraq and saw the eight- month- old infant girl who had lost both her legs above the knee, a victim of an ISIS attack. Read More

Mosul refugees checking in for medical treatment — Conscience International Photo


Living Under the Eyes of ISIS

As soon as Conscience International volunteer Robert Smucker arrived in Iraq he helped load a truck with 1200 thirty-pound boxes of rice and 2400 six-packs of half-liter jars of baby food, and headed to a refugee camp twenty-five miles east of worn-torn Mosul. Read More

Conscience International volunteer Robert Smucker delivering groceries to Mosul refugees. Conscience International Photo


Nutrition Program Brings Hot Meals to Grade Schoolers for First Time

Building a grade school in Shambhuganj, Bangladesh was only a dream when Richard Sarker, Conscience International Project Director for Southeast Asia, began talking with local leaders a few years ago. Now the school is a reality and donors are feeding the children. Read More

School children enjoying their first hot school meal and learning to eat with spoons - Conscience International Photo


The View: From the Mountaintop of Turkey to the Mud of Refugee Camps

It was 4:30AM Easter morning. Robert Smucker, with two companions on a rare break from their humanitarian work, grabbed head lamps and began the 90-minute trek up the mountain to Kizilhisar Castle. But down below, in the refugee camps, the scene was not serene at all. Read More

Baking bread in the refugee camp - Conscience International Photo


Conscience International Medical Team Corrects Curved Spines in Young Patients in Ethiopia

At 9:56AM, in a hospital in Ethiopia, Dr. Ted Belanger and his spinal surgery team from the Texas Back Institute in Dallas, Texas, made the first incision on the first patient of the day. Hours later, would the patient, who arrived at the hospital bent all the way over at the waist, stand tall with a straight back? Read More

Spinal surgery underway in Ethiopia


"Raising the Roof" in Haiti

In October 2016, a Category 5 hurricane swept out of the Atlantic and dumped its 150mph winds and rain over Haiti - the strongest storm to hit the poor country since Hurricane Cleo in 1964, killing hundreds. Conscience International rushed teams in as part of a mass humanitarian aid effort. Our teams are still working there. Read More

New roof on houses in Cayette bring happy smiles to families who can now go home Conscience International Photo


Empowering Women with Job Training

Dressed as a Pakistani for security reasons, Conscience International Southeast Asia Project Director Richard Sarker (not pictured), a native of Bangladesh, visited Pakistan in June, 2017 where he met several women who were interested in receiving training courses to become seamstresses and beauticians. Others, such as these fully covered women in the photo, are expectant mothers, waiting their turn at the clinic. Read More

Conscience International Photo


Overly Crowded Orphanage in Need of Expansion

Richard Sarker, Conscience International Project Director for Southeast Asia, flew to Vietnam to visit an orphanage that also includes some elderly disabled. The facility needs help. Read More

Conscience International Photo


Working with Syrians Fleeing ISIS

Refugee Children from Syria and migrants from many other countries suffer for many months in transition camps in Greece because they are blocked from returning home and forbidden to stay in Europe. Our teams are there to help. Read More

Conscience International Photo